Screen Printing vs. Screen Printing

Screen Printing or Screen Printing? What’s the Difference?

A lot of people get confused when they think of screen printing vs. screen printing.  There are really two kinds: there is industrial screen printing and there is silk screen printing.

Industrial screen printing is for one to four colour signs printed on a substrate and it the most optimal way to print when there are a lot of the same sign such as election signs or real estate signs. 

Silk screening which is another name for screen printing is when the same process is used but the logo or picture is going onto a t-shirt, hat, bag or any other fabric material. 

The actual definition of screen printing is this: A method of printing with the use of a screen to transfer ink in a specific design, using one or varying colours, onto a surface. The ink is then moved across the screen with a squeegee, using different “stencil” patterns, to apply different colours to designated areas. This printing technique allows for the impression of a logo or picture to be adhered to different surfaces or substrates..  Exciting right?  I thought so too!!

Artcal has been screen printing signs for almost 40 years, it’s what we do.

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