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Can I Get That Sign Today?

sign today

In today’s fast paced world everyone seems to be so busy. With the new technology we are able to access so much information on demand and while it is very convenient, it is skewing our expectations in some areas?

Some things take time.

When you order a sign and ask can I get that this afternoon or tomorrow…usually the answer is no or if you do get a yes, it will cost you. But why? It is just a simple sign. But is it?

Let’s go through the process for a simple 24” x 32” A-Frame sign.

  • 1. The customer sends in their logo and message, the designer sends a proof back to the customer and it is approved.
  • 2. Then the graphics are scheduled to print (this may not be immediate because of the other jobs that have been scheduled first).
  • 3. Once printed, the graphics are laminated. Lamination protects the sign from the elements so that it doesn’t fade or chip.
  • 4. Then it is applied to the coroplast which is the typical substrate used in A-Frame signs and then sign is complete.

Easy right?
In theory yes, but what also must be considered are the other jobs that have been ordered prior to this one and their needs. It is possible to juggle jobs (which is done a lot) but this requires more time and you bet you are going to pay for the rush.

So when you ask if you can get that sign today either be prepared to wait the usual turnaround time or prepare to open your wallet.